Tuesday, December 08, 2015

Tristram Hunt is the problem not the solution.

Tristram Hunt demonstrates the real reason why Labour lost the last election.

'Labour must turn back to its moral mission of tackling inequality' says Tristram Hunt MP. He calls for a discussion on social inequality.

This is precisely why Labour was beaten in the last election, too many people who might otherwise have voted Labour, had become sick, tired and disillusioned by the procession of political elites within the upper echelons of the party talking utter bollocks and using the language of socio-liberal wabble-babble, instead of saying what they mean! You couldn,t get a straight answer out of any of them. When it came to discussing policy, I don't know who was worse, Cameron or Miliband.

This self-opinionated academic sets his cap at opposing the man who was elected overwhelmingly to lead the Labour Party, and by whose words and actions, is attracting thousands of former disenfranchised, old but loyal, Labour voters back to the party and to the real fight for social justice.

You may not agree with me, but I doubt if Dr Hunt, on his own would have encouraged the Fire Brigades Union to re-align with the Labour Party again. Labour lost its political soul and its electoral strength, among other reasons, because many thousands of ordinary honourable Labour voters, decent men and women, nurses, teachers, former coal miners, ex-steel workers, care workers, etc, found themselves alienated by the tosh spouted by the policy wonk ellite that had risen to the top of the party under Blair and subsequently under Miliband. They were sick of the fact that when challenged about their commitment to social justice and commitment to Labour values, these tory-lite spokespersons, many of whom had never held down a proper job of work in their life, but had risen inexorably to the top of the New Labour elite, started to spout the weasel words of the need to work within the 'discipline of the market', or the Peter Mandelson oily outpourings, instead of standing up for what they believed in their hearts and their souls.

Jeremy Corbyn is returning the party to its strong working-class centre. He doesn't just talk the language of social justice and he doesn't talk about moral missions, without demonstrating exactly what he means in his actions as well as his words.

This is why men like Dr Hunt can not forgive him, because the man with the experience of representing working people has finally got the job that Hunt would have liked, except he didn't have the guts to stand for it.

We don't need any more fucking discussions on social inequality Tristram, we need action, and we need to be sticking it to the tories and their austerity programme. Austerity is another word desiged to mean the complete eradication of the Welfare State, let us have no illusions, and just talking about the class gap and inequality over Sherry and tapas in the college senior common room, ain't gonna cut it, professor!
Tristram Hunt will urge Labour to turn its focus back on inequality. Here he explains why colleagues should start talking about the class gap

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