Friday, December 11, 2015

BBC - Stop smearing Jermy Corbyn!

The biased BBC are up to their usual tricks again, smearing Jeremy Corbyn. 

last night's news reported the conviction of 4 asian men for fraud on pensioners. 

Great play was made on the completely unmerited and unsubstantiated story that the money obtained was going to be used for supporting DAESH terrorist aims, although there was a subsequent admission that no charges had been brought or sought on any issues involving terrorist activities.

 At the end of the story, one defendant was alleged to be associated with Jeremy Corbyn, but no other detailed explanation was offered. This totally unjustified smear turned out to be that JC had written an MP's letter for the man (a constituent), confirming his residence in JC';s constituency, when the man was applying for bail. MPs do such things time and time again and there is nothing wrong in such an action, but theBBC sought to use the association as a terrorist-related smear on JC.

This morning on the Today programme, not exactly known for its fearlessly honest and fair reporting of Corbyn issues, Oxford educated Labour MP Emma Reynolds pontificated on the need for JC to dissasociate himself from a 'Stop the War' Coalition meeting tonight. 

This lightweight MP and ex-policy wonk, who has only been in the HoC since 2010, and who has never held down a proper job of real work in her life, used a lot of old smears about individual members of the Coalition to suggest that these are the sort of people with whom Labour should not be associated, and therefore, by default, JC should not attend the meeting. 

Ms Reynolds was one of those Labour MPs who voted for the bombing campaign in Syria, against the will of the Party, so her opposition to the Stop the War event is more about her personal opposition to JC as much as anything else. 

JC has been openly associated with the Stop the War Coalition since 2001, and only resigned ffrom an office there when he became Leader of the Labour Party. His alignment therefore is not exactly a secret. Quite what contribution Ms Reynolds' spiteful involvement made on the programme was very questionable, but it gave the BBC yet another opportunity to try and smear JC.

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