Thursday, July 05, 2007

Thought for today

I have realised that I should be using my blog for more than just posting articles.

The hip is getting much better, although I did something to it the other day which resulted in 3 days of extreme discomfort. However, I hope that we now have got it under control.

I am getting used to running my own consultancy again, although the work ebbs and flows, I had forgotten.

I keep getting lots of requests from former colleagues at the old company about becoming linked in with them on 'Linked-In'. I suppose I should be flattered, but where were they I wonder when we were having all the problems last year?

I still feel terribly traumatised by the way I was treated. The Human Resources division proved themselves to be the usual bunch of hire and fire merchants, and sided with IM while he was pulling all his dirty stunts. I now realise that it was he who undermined all the work I was trying to do in the Fraud delivery area, snivelling around AC and telling him that our people would start asking questions out of turn. Spineless git!

Anyway, have now proved him to be the useless manager I argued that he was at the time. Northland is going from strength to strength and has recently been lauded for their major win at Bradford and Bingley. They now effectively 'own' the British Building Society Industry sector and they should be capable of cleaning up the smaller players who are really desperate for good Transaction Monitoring solutions.

It is such a shame that the old company could not have seen the wisdom of what I was seeking to do, but it is ever thus, or so I have learned, that when you have someone with the overweening arrogance of IM but who at the same time is so intellectually under-resourced, there will always be difficulties.

The next move is to consolidate on this year's work and to help Northland drive the business forward next year. It is always so gratifying when you are able to see your ideas and concepts really coming to fruition.