Thursday, March 06, 2008

Even more disinformation from the US Treasury

The FATF announced today (28th February 2008) that it does not intend to take any further AML/CTF interventionist action against Iran, following the publication of its earlier notice in October 2007.

The FATF notice states;

“…Since its October 2007 Plenary meeting, the FATF has engaged with Iran and welcomes the commitment made by Iran to improve its AML/CFT regime. Consistent with its Statement on Iran, dated 11 October 2007, the FATF confirms its call to its members and urges all jurisdictions to advise their financial institutions to take the risk arising from the deficiencies in Iran’s AML/CFT regime into account for enhanced due diligence. Iran is encouraged to continue its engagement with the FATF and the international community to address, on an urgent basis, its AML/CFT deficiencies...”

The FATF specifically recognizes therefore the commitment made by Iran to improve its AML regime and encourages it to continue the same. The FATF had the power to impose other sanctions against Iran, but because of its open and transparent cooperation with the FATF, it has chosen not to alter the existing situation, and will continue to work with Iran to remedy all deficiencies.

However, this has not satisfied those officials in the US Government whose ambitions are to harm Iran at every possible opportunity.

Complinet has published a number of articles recently dealing with the impact of US Treasury behaviour on the Iranian banking community, both in the UK and elsewhere.

To recap, the US is deliberately engaged in actions designed to bring significant pressure on other banks and financial institutions, to encourage them to cease any form of financial activity with or for Iranian banks, anywhere in the world.

The source for this policy decision emanates from an office within the US Treasury called the Division of Terrorism and Intelligence, which is headed by Under Secretary Stuart Levey.

Levey has made no secret of his ambitions to bring Iran to its knees, financially and to destabilise its internal economy to such an extent that it will force a popular revolution to overthrow the present government in Iran. A recent quote from the Kansas City Star states;

‘…Washington has boasted that the US and existing UN sanctions, have taken a significant toll on Iran’s economy, particularly on its unemployment and inflation rates and raised pressure on the Government…’

To facilitate his ambitions, Levey and his satraps are always willing to spin news stories and put false and misleading interpretations on any reports which thus enable Iran to be cast in a bad light.

Complinet last reported on the way in which the meeting between the FATF and an Iranian delegation in Paris, in January of this year, was reported in the world media, as the result of a deliberately misleading story issued by the US Treasury.

Now, Levey has issued his own interpretation of the FATF announcement of 28th February 2008. Ignoring the fact that the latest FATF report means that nothing has changed with regard to the Iranian situation, speaking from Dubai where he is openly engaged in seeking to stir up anti-Iranian sentiments in the Gulf region, he deliberately fails to report the fact the FATF noted its recognition of its recent engagement with Iran, and the commitment shown by Iran to improving its AML/CTF position.

However, despite the increasingly bizarre attempts being made by Levey and his subordinates, including Daniel Glaser, to cast Iran in an unfavourable light, in the hope that by so doing, it will influence the UN to impose even further sanctions on Iran, the Iranians will continue to engage with the main body of the FATF in all attempts to ensure that their AML/CTF regime is fully in accordance with FATF requirements.

Daniel Glaser presently leads the US delegation to the FATF, and his name figured prominently in the previous misleading story which sought to undermine the real reason for the Iranian January meetings with the FATF in Paris. Like Levey, Glaser has been widely quoted as saying that his office is part of the engagement to deter foreign banks from doing business with Iran, and seeking to undermine the Iranian economy. In view of this obvious conflict of interests, Complinet has already questioned his suitability to be a co-chair of the FATF committee which sits in judgement on Iran’s compliance with the FATF requirements.

By adopting these measures of continually attacking Iran publicly, measures which are increasingly being disseminated in the Middle East, the US is painting itself into a corner and is being perceived in much the same light as the boy who cried ‘wolf’ once too often. It has become apparent that many will begin to think that they have protested too much!

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